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Reading notes from “Why Don’t Students Like School?”

Reading notes from Why Don’t Students Like School?:

  • Successful thinking relies on four factors: information from the environment, facts in long-term memory, procedures in long-term memory, and the amount of space in working memory. If any one of these factors is inadequate, thinking will likely fail.
  • Thinking is combining information in new ways.
  • Four ways that background knowledge is important to reading comprehension:
    1. it provides vocabulary;
    2. it allows you to bridge logical gaps that writers leave;
    3. it allows chunking, which increases room in working memory and thereby makes it easier to tie ideas together; and
    4. it guides the interpretation of ambiguous sentences.
  • Memory is the residue of thought.
  • Things can’t get into long-term memory unless they have first been in working memory. So this is a somewhat complex way of explaining the familiar phenomenon: If you don’t pay attention to something, you can’t learn it!