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Reading notes from “A Mind For Numbers”

  • It’s best to work at math and science in small doses—a little every day. This gives both the focused and diffuse modes the time they need to do their thing so you can understand what you are learning. That’s how solid neural structures are built.

  • Recalling material when you are outside your usual place of study helps you strengthen your grasp of the material by viewing it from a different perspective.

  • Generating (that is, recalling) the material helps you learn it much more effectively than simply rereading it.

  • Testing in itself is a powerful learning experience. It changes and adds to what you know, also making dramatic improvements in your ability to retain the material.

  • We develop a passion for what we are good at. The mistake is thinking that if we aren’t good at something, we do not have and can never develop a passion for it.

  • Handwriting builds stronger neural structures in memory than typing.