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Useful Trading Resources

Starting in 2020, I have studied many trading and investment materials. Here are some English resources I found useful along the way.


  1. Economics of Money and Banking
    Learning about the modern monetary system is essential to understand how the financial system works. It's an open secret. When you know banks create credit money from thin air, you start to doubt the traditional wisdom that hard work creates wealth.

  2. How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio
    A short video to get a basic idea about how the Economy works.


  1. Mark Minervini - Master Trader Program
    A solid starting point for a new trader, it takes only 2 days to watch most of the videos. I went over the content again recently and realized I haven't internalized the important parts. It's expensive but you can find pirated versions somewhere.

  2. Wyckoff Analytics
    I read and studied The Wyckoff Method 2 years ago, but it wasn't until this year that I start to realize how important it is. It takes experience and struggles to understand some basic ideas in the financial world.

  3. Wysetrade
    High-quality and practical content. You can assemble your strategy using the comprehensive tactics shared on the channel.