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Why you should read paper books

I used to avoid to buy paper books, when I want to read a book, first I check if a digital edition is available, if not I'll check if it's available from a library or just wait for the digital edition to release. Why? Because paperbooks are cumbersome and I don't want them to fill my little room. E-books seem superior than paper books in every aspects: it's light-weight, easy to transfer and search. Why shoud I buy a paper book again?

Recently I learned a new concept "Embodied cognition". Basically what It says is experience is very importent for us while learning. In light of this, I found e-books aren't a good choice for me. Small but importent, you lost a lot of reading experience when reading e-books: you can't touch the paper, feel the weight and turn the pages. Also, if you're a ebook lover, you must notice this: it's harder to finish reading a large ebook than a paper book, because you can't feel your progress.

When you lost those experience, your learning ability suffers. If we really think about this, it actually quite makes sense. Screens and ebooks are pretty new things for human brain, and we are not used to reading and learning this way. So don't hasten to embrace the new technology all together, try paper books, find the lost experience.

Learn why paper books are still indispensable in the digital age: